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Excursions in Tyrol

You want to take a break from hiking and do something different and see a few sights?

We have put together a list of the best excursion destinations and sights that can be easily reached from the Hotel Tiroler ADLER.

If you are more of the spontaneous type, then simply ask at the hotel about the range of excursions available and where the most popular sights are.

Stiegl’s World of Beer

Salzburg's Brewery Museum Who says that beer is only there to be drunk? There’s more to beer than you think, find out about this traditional regional drink made of hops water and malt. At the “Stiegl’s Brauwelt” Brewery Museum you can experience first hand how this traditional golden nectar is brewed. The museum is a combination of modern multimedia shows and traditional exhibitions. As a souvenir of your day at the Brewery Museum, each visitor receives a “beery” present.

Kufstein Fortress

First mentioned in 1205 Kufstein Fortress was a military base for hundreds of years. The fortress was under Bavarian and Tyrolean rule until 1814 when it finally came into Austrian hands. Open daily.

Tratzberg Castle

Discover the 500-year history of one of Europe’s most beautiful late Gothic castles. The castle features not only Gothic but also Renaissance elements. The transition from one style to another can be well observed. Tratzberg Castle was renovated with great devotion and is today a prime example of a 16th Century Tyrolean castle and is considered one of the most important art and cultural monuments in the county. Open from the end of March to the beginning of November. Guided tours are offered daily from 10am. to 4pm. (in July and August the last tour ends at 5 pm.)

Ice Caves

Fascinating ice formations Not far from the City of Salzburg there is an idyllic village called Werfen. Surrounded by rugged mountains, you will find one of Austria’s most fascinating sights. A visit to the Werfen Ice Caves is like making a journey into an underground world of ice fascinating ice formations that have been formed over many centuries. A guided tour in English as well as German is also offered. Even when it means enduring wintry temperatures, this fascination trip into the world of ice is definitely worth making and is a refreshingly cool alternative on a hot summer day.

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road

The top of Austria At 3,798 metres the Grossglockner is not only the highest mountain in Austria, it is also one of the highest peaks in the Alps. You can reach the top of this majestic mountain easily by car via the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. This popular day trip is for many visitors the ultimate natural sight: here one can literally feel the power of natural forces at work, and you won’t help but be fascinated by the view of the rugged mountain landscape and the eternal ice of the glacier.

The Krimml Waterfalls

An unforgettable and eventful excursion Europe’s highest waterfalls, with a vertical drop of 390 metres, are symbolic of the natural beauty of the Hohe Tauern National Park. For more than 100 years visitors have been able to get a close-up view and feel the natural power of the waterfalls from the numerous vantage points bridges and viewing ledges. The natural and dynamic beauty of the waterfalls is symbolic of the timelessness of the native landscape. This is an unforgettable and eventful excursion for the whole family.

Saalach Valley Forces of Nature

Within a radius of only 2 kilometres you will find 3 exceptional natural monuments tucked away in the Saalach Valley in Salzburg County’s province on Pinzgau – These are known as the Saalach Valley Forces of Nature. At the foot of the Lofer and Leogang Steinberg Massifs and at the outlet of the Steinernen Merre, or Stone Sea, nature has created bizarre rock formations, raging waterfalls and one of Europe’s largest cave systems, each in close proximity to the other. Thanks to the completion of the Tauern Cycling Route (Tauernradweg) through the Saalach Valley the Saalach Valley Forces of Nature can easily be reached by bike from The Pillersee Valley.

The Vorderkaser Gorge

The Vorderkaser Gorge (declared a natural monument in 1977), which lies between St. Martin and Weissbach was first opened to visitors in 1882. Between 12,000 and 14,000 years ago, when the glacial ice had melted, the Ödenbach stream started to work its way slowly through the hard rock (on average 6 millimetres a year). Today the gorge is already 400 metres long, 80 metres deep, up to 6 metres wide at the top and 80 centimetres wide at the bottom. To reach the entrance of the gorge (2,5 kilometres along an access road after leaving the main road no. 311) visitors pass through a natural recreational area with bathing lakes and park areas where guests can have a bar-b-q. Free car parking is available at the entrance to the gorge. Gorge and snack-bar inn are open from May to October!

Lamprecht Cave

The Lamprecht Cave, extending over an area of approximately 51 kilometres, is one of the biggest cave systems in Europe. Polish speleologists discovered an additional entrance at an altitude of 2,178 metres in 1993. Which means that the Lamprecht Cave is currently recognized as the world’s biggest traversable cave. In the area of the cave open to the public comfortable walkways take you approximately 700 metres into the mountain. Once you reach the spacious platform that gives you an impressive view of most of the cave, which is well illuminated, you have covered an altitude difference of 70 metres. Cave and restaurant are open all year round. An unforgettable experience, even in bad weather.

Seisenberg Gorge

The Seisenberg George in Weissbach bei Lofer started being formed approximately 12,000 years ago when the ice of the last Ice Age in the Alps melted. In 1831 forestry workers cut a path through the 600 metre-long gorge for the transportation of timber. The entrance to the gorge is directly in the village. The viewing of the gorge lasts about an hour and it is also the ideal starting point for many wonderful walks and hikes. The Gorge and restaurant are open from May to October!

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