Triassicpark Steinplatte

A long-lost world is brought back to life!

Explore the under water world on the Steinplatte, a former coral reef from the Triassic period.

From summer 2008 visitors to the Steinplatte Mountain will be sent on a journey back in time. Over 200 million years ago in the Triassic era, at an altitude today of almost 1.900 metres above sea level, a coral reef was formed.

In an exciting and interactive exhibition covering an area of around 400m² visitors have the chance to discover a long-forgotten world. In the first part of the exhibition visitors can explore the prehistoric sub-aqueous landscape. In this “underwater” section of the exhibition you are given the opportunity to find out more about long extinct marine reptiles and numerous other primeval creatures that once lived in the Steinplatte region.

Thanks to modern multimedia techniques and various interactive displays learning about this exciting theme becomes thrilling and fun. On their journey through time visitors rise from the depths of the ancient ocean Tethys, through a lagoon, finally ending at the Research Camp. Here inquisitive and curious would-be archaeologists can try out various fascinating scientific activities and find out what life as a scientist is like first hand.

The 210m² “Mini Ocean” is located in the outdoor section. The ocean is surrounded by the highest beach in the Alps, the 1,400m² “Triassic Beach”. Here younger visitors can romp and play with marine reptiles in and around the water, while their parents relax and enjoy the fantastic views form the beach. In addition children can participate in an archaeological excavation in search of lost treasures.

Next “Triassic Beach” visitors can then go on the “Triassic Trail” to find out more about this one-time coral reef and its ancient inhabitants. Along the theme trail, which takes you to the summit and back, various interactive and activity stations provide valuable and fascinating information about the evolution of the Steinplatte. The highlight however is the huge fossilised coral reef.

Triassic Park on the Steinplatte Mountain in Waidring opens every summer from July until September, entry is free of charge. An exciting day out on the Steinplatte Mountain full of fun and entertainment for the whole family is guaranteed.

A newly built panoramic plattform, designed as a coral, offers their visitors a magestic view over the mountains in the surrounding.

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